Finding Home – Was US$3.99 Now US$0.99 (75% saving)

Was $3.99 Now $0.99  Save 75% Author: Jackie Weger Phoebe Hawley is on a quest to find her family a home. She’s out of money, out of gas and out of patience. The only things she owns in abundance are Hawley backbone and Hawley pride–neither of which she can trade for food or gas. A collision […]

The Swines: Anecdotes Of A Piggly Family – Was US$2.99 Now US$0.99 (66% saving)

 Was $2.99 Now $0.99  Save 66% Author: H.M. So Irreverent & cheeky. Sam is a 12-yr-old boy from a family of pigs. Unique, eccentric & wickedly fun!

Zombie Turkeys – Was US$2.99 Now US$0.99 (66% saving)

 Was $2.99 Now $0.99  Save 66% Author: Andy Zach Break up in laughter during the zombie turkeys apocalypse this Thanksgiving. Underachieving reporter Sam Melvin tries to stay alive while uploading the latest zombie turkey video. Meanwhile, Sam’s editor and publisher, workaholic miser Lisa Kambacher nags him to turn in his expense report on time. Shell-shocked grocery […]

Potus Goes to Washington – Was US$3.99 Now US$0.99 (75% saving)

 Was $3.99 Now $0.99  Save 75% Author: T. Pascal The governor of Kansas is elected to the highest office in the land. As President of the United States, he promises to right the wrongs that plague the great states of America. His populist platform involves getting rid of Daylight Savings and abolishing Congress. This sage-like prescient […]

What A Tangled Wed – Was US$3.49 Now US$0.99 (72% saving)

 Was $3.49 Now $0.99  Save 72% Author: KD Harp Pierce Grayson’s smitten from day one. Allison Stanford’s smart, funny, caring, and the architectural artist met him unaware of who he is. She likes the disaster relief mastermind for himself, not for what his work or bank balance. Finding true love’s never easy but when the brilliant […]

Carpet Diem: or How to Save the World by Accident – Was US$2.99 Now US$0.99 (66% saving)

 Was $2.99 Now $0.99  Save 66% Author: Justin Lee Anderson When grumpy Edinburgh hermit Simon Debovar’s living room carpet turns out to be the deciding factor in a bet between God and Satan, he’s sure his life can’t get any weirder. But when the carpet is stolen, he’s forced into a world of angels, demons, witches […]

Murphy’s Luck 2 – Was US$3.99 Now US$0.99 (75% saving)

 Was $3.99 Now $0.99  Save 75% Author: Benjamin Laskin His luck is a weapon of mass hilarity. Enter the uproarious world of Murphy Drummer, where the impossible becomes the inevitable and the inevitable inescapably hysterical. America calls upon the master of a thousand hobbies to help with a matter of national security, only to learn that […]

Mid Life Backpacker – The Travel Diaries of John Dot: Margate – Was $0.99 Now $0.00 (100% saving)

 Was $0.99 Now $0.00  Save 100% Author: Kevin Kelly John Dot, mid-life, depressive, whose body has seen better days is whisking his long-suffering girlfriend, Olivia, away to …….. Margate for a romantic weekend. For him, Margate will make or break his re-kindled relationship with Olivia. Will John’s efforts to wine and dine Olivia get the desired […]

Labor Pains – Was $4.99 Now $0.99 (80% saving)

 Was $4.99 Now $0.99  Save 80% Author: C.A. Huggins Every morning Kevin Taylor’s alarm clock wakes him up to the cold realization that he has to go to a job that he downright loathes. Nonetheless, he stills wants a promotion. To guarantee that promotion, he goes all out to get his rival co-workers fired, to leave […]

Unlucky Charm – Was $2.99 Now $0.00 (100% saving)

 Was $2.99 Now $0.00  Save 100% Author: Kimberly Gordon Being a Super isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… Trouble follows Officer Katherine Carter wherever she goes, and her latest antics are drawing attention from the media, the Chicago Police Review Board, and a gorgeous glowing man with abilities as strange as her own. Meanwhile, illusionist […]