14th September 2018

The Johnson Project Remembering Eternity: The Game Begins Code Prodigal

12th September 2018

The Nemesis Origin The Binding (Unexpected Magic Book 1) Triple Threat

10th September 2018

Light Up the Night Keto Fat Bombs: 70 Savory and Sweet Recipes for Low-Carb, Ketogenic, and Paleo Diets: Useful Keto Recipes for Fast and Safe Weight Loss

8th September 2018

A Match Made in Heaven? Falling In Love Beneath The Blue Moon

7th September 2018

Heart & Soul

6th September 2018

The Day of the Donald: Trump Trumps America

5th September 2018

Hot Addiction

4th September 2018

Blood Marked: (Witchling Wars: Kruxa Echelon Book 1) Think, Trade, and Grow Rich!: A Powerful Beginner’s Guide to Building Passive Income Through Momentum Swing Trading and Stock Market Investing

3rd September 2018

Marry Me For Money Summers’ Deceit (Hunters Trilogy Book 1) Ollie Stratford Cozy Mysteries Instant Pot Cookbook: 1000 Day Instant Pot Recipes Plan

1st September 2018

Redemption Love at first sight