Author Promotions

Price Dropped Books currently has over 20,000 deal hungry Kindle readers in our email database (growing by roughly 200 new leads per day). We can send out Kindle book promotions to our audience on your behalf. There are 40 targeting options and the pricing of each package is determined by how many subscribers are following that segment. The packages below are shown in descending order of popularity and price.

We accept all live Kindle books in any of the genres below and we don’t have any stipulation over existing review count or score. The only requirement is that your book must be on a promotion at the time of launch, with a minimum of 50% reduction in price. Also, we accept books at any price point, provided they have that 50% or more discount. Unlike BookBub and other services we don’t charge more based on the price point of your book. We do accept freebie books too, but they must be marked as a 100% discount relative to what they would have normally been priced.

If you wish to buy a promotion, please browse the packages below and press ‘Buy now’. You will then be taken through to a booking calendar and form for that particular targeting option. Please don’t book multiple targeting segments at the same time for the same book as there may be some overlap between our audience who like multiple genres. If you wish to book multiple genres for the same book, please leave at least a week between your chosen launch dates. If you wish to book the same book in the same genre repeatedly, please also leave a week or so minimum between orders.

Once you’ve submitted your order, you will be sent an automated email confirming your scheduled campaign. All campaigns are tracked via and we share those links on this page as soon as the day’s campaigns have gone live These click tracking stats offer complete transparency to our campaigns and give you a great opportunity to effectively measure ROI and to better manage your marketing budgets.

Our Targeting Options

Target Everyone – $37

Crime Fiction $26
Action & Adventure $25
Romantic Suspense $24
Fantasy $24
Teen & Young Adult $24
New Adult Romance $23
Thrillers $23
Erotic Romance $21
Supernatural Suspense $21
Humor $20
Historical Mysteries $20
Contemporary Romance $20
Science Fiction $20
Cozy Mysteries $19
Biographies & Memoirs $19
Dark Romance & Erotica $19
Cooking $19
Horror $18
Religious & Inspirational $18
Historical Romance $18
Women’s Fiction $18
Advice & How To $17
History $17
Historical Fiction $17
True Crime $17
Children’s $16
Paranormal Romance $16
Science $15
Time Travel Romance $14
General Non-Fiction $14
Business $14
Middle Grade $14
Parenting $13
Literary Fiction $13
American Historical Romance $13
Christian Fiction $13
African American Interest $12
Chick Lit $11