Chick Lit

Easily Amused – Was US$3.99 Now US$0.99 (75% saving)

 Was $3.99 Now $0.99  Save 75% Author: Karen McQuestion When Lola Watson unexpectedly inherits a rambling house in the suburbs, she thinks her life just couldn’t be more perfect—until her new neighbors make her their “project,” a heartbroken high school friend crashes indefinitely at her house, and her younger sister announces she’s getting married, on Lola’s […]

The Silver Spurs Home For Aging Cowgirls – Was US$3.99 Now US$0.99 (75% saving)

 Was $3.99 Now $0.99  Save 75% Author: Laura Hesse The Montana family made a big mistake! They thought they were opening up their sprawling ranch house to four retired cowgirls and their horses. Turns out three of the four women aren’t cowgirls at all, and their horses aren’t ranch horses either. And then there is the […]

Winter Wishes – Was US$2.99 Now US$0.99 (66% saving)

 Was $2.99 Now $0.99  Save 66% Author: Desiree Holt, Nicole Morgan, McKayla Shutt and more… Heartwarming romances to embrace your every emotion. This compilation of winter tales will warm you from your soul all the way down to the very tips of your toes. Romance comes in many forms, shapes and all sorts of sizes. Relationships […]

A Date with Fate (The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod, Book 1) – Was US$3.99 Now US$0.00 (100% saving)

 Was $3.99 Now $0.00  Save 100% Author: Tracy Ellen Cynical of “true love,” Anabel Axelrod is no Cinderella waiting for her prince charming. But when the happily single control enthusiast, who has a rule for everything in her life, especially for the men she dates, goes out with the not too tall, seductively dark, and not […]

Welcome to New York – Was US$3.99 Now US$0.00 (100% saving)

 Was $3.99 Now $0.00  Save 100% Author: Luana Ferraz What happens when nothing goes as planned? A heartwarming story about love, dreams and second chances.

Champagne and Lemon Drops – Was $3.99 Now $0.00 (100% saving)

 Was $3.99 Now $0.00  Save 100% Author: Jean Oram One woman. Two men. One meddling small town. Will the marriage of the season go along as planned? Or will real life and small town politics interfere as the bride finds herself thrust into rediscovering herself while trying to find her way back to the path that […]

Eggnog and Candy Canes – Was $1.99 Now $0.99 (50% saving)

 Was $1.99 Now $0.99  Save 50% Author: Jean Oram Katie’s enemy has returned to town and he wants one thing–her. Will these two enemies turn to lovers in the midst of a small town snowstorm? Find out in this laugh-out-loud sweet romance.

A Brit Unexpected – Was $2.99 Now $0.99 (66% saving)

 Was $2.99 Now $0.99  Save 66% Author: Brenda St John Brown Claire is not Greyson Vaughn’s “mysterious English girlfriend” no matter what Twitter might think. She’s only helping the Hollywood hottie combat rumors of stalking his pop-star ex. That kiss was just for the cameras and that charm Greyson’s turning on? It’s all an act….Isn’t it? […]

Frosted Cowboy – Was $3.99 Now $0.99 (75% saving)

 Was $3.99 Now $0.99  Save 75% Author: Charlene Ross After thirtysomething Laney Delaney gets in trouble at work and catches her fiancé cheating, she finds herself with no boyfriend, no job and no plan. Determined to start over, she embarks on a solo design career and meets three very different men who vie for her attention. […]

The Naughty List – Was $3.99 Now $0.99 (75% saving)

 Was $3.99 Now $0.99  Save 75% Author: Hazel Kelly & Chloe Clark Aspiring actress Holly Flynn has just landed her best role of the year… Cheerful Elf #6 at Burke’s Department store. It’s not exactly a dream come true, but she’s determined to make ends meet at her favorite time of year. However, little does Holly […]