Middle Grade

Geronimo Jim – Was US$2.99 Now US$0.00 (100% saving)

 Was $2.99 Now $0.00  Save 100% Author: J. S. Lome The Dead Shark had a Man Inside . . . Being a secret pirate is no easy thing for Sixteen-year old Miles who is a dishwasher in the South Seas. . . But when an escaped convict floats ashore in the body of a shark, his […]

Terror in Boring Town – Was US$2.99 Now US$0.99 (75% saving)

 Was $2.99 Now $0.99  Save 75% Author: Hoot N. Holler Twelve-year-old friends, Sam and Rex live in a boring town. But then mysterious strangers arrive and the boys’ humdrum lives turn into an exciting adventure. When they accuse the strangers of being criminals, no one believes them. Risking lives, the boys draft a plan to uncover […]

Down with the Dance – Was US$0.99 Now US$0.00 (100% saving)

 Was $0.99 Now $0.00  Save 100% Author: C.T. Walsh Meet Austin Davenport, whose fabulous luck landed him on this earth only eleven short months after his brother, Derek, putting them in the same grade. While Austin’s brain power is unmatched, it appears as if his brother got all the athletic gifts and the family butt-chin, meaning […]

The Adventures of Wilhelm, A Rat’s Tale – Was US$3.99 Now US$0.99 (75% saving)

 Was $3.99 Now $0.99  Save 75% Author: Maria Ritter Young Wilhelm leaves home and travels the world. He not only discovers the value of different cultures and the importance of family and friendship, but he also overcomes obstacles with courage and cleverness. He returns home with deep respect for all creatures on this earth and a […]

Portal Through the Pond – Was US$4.99 Now US$0.99 (80% saving)

 Was $4.99 Now $0.99  Save 80% Author: David K. Anderson They said her grandfather was dead. They said her grandmother was crazy. Christy knows they’re wrong. When her grandmother dies, 13-year-old Christy inherits a secret: the pond behind her house is a portal to another world, and her grandfather went through the portal when he “disappeared” […]

Emerald and the Elf King – Was US$4.99 Now US$0.99 (80% saving)

 Was $4.99 Now $0.99  Save 80% Author: Becky Biggs Emerald longs for adventure, she is being forced to marry someone she just met (yuck!), and her best friend, Maple, was banished from the kingdom! Emerald sets off on her grand adventure to help Maple and is quickly immersed in a world of trolls, unicorns and plenty […]

Portal Through the Pond – Was $2.99 Now $0.00 (100% saving)

 Was $2.99 Now $0.00  Save 100% Author: David K. Anderson Whatever I provided for the last Genre Pulse promo we did.

Angel Chronicles: The Prince of Persia – Was $3.99 Now $0.00 (100% saving)

 Was $3.99 Now $0.00  Save 100% Author: Vincent Kane When the story begins, a pre-teenager is being chased by demons in the spirit realm as a test by his Guardian angel. The angel tells him that the chase reminds him of Gabriel’s ordeal with the Prince of Persia, so the Angel tells the story to the […]

The Firebirds – Was $2.99 Now $0.00 (100% saving)

 Was $2.99 Now $0.00  Save 100% Author: Harry Simpson Seven learning challenged children are held prisoners of school while brilliant clones are sent home in their place. Spellbound adults can’t process the strange changes and refuse to admit anything is wrong. The captive children realize they have a problem greater than annoying clones taking over their […]

The Hunter Awakens – Was $2.99 Now $0.99 (66% saving)

 Was $2.99 Now $0.99  Save 66% Author: J.R. Roper When thirteen-year-old Ethan Morus is forced to stay on his grandparent’s old farm, he expects to find weathered barns, rusty tools, and a creaky house in need of fresh paint. What he doesn’t expect is to hear a legend placing his family at the center of an […]