3rd December 2017

Careful little eyes http://bit.ly/2iczUcw+
Black Mercy http://bit.ly/2Amrk5n+
The Last July http://bit.ly/2w7q80C+
Interview with the Dom http://bit.ly/2ibebSl+
Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes: Full Colour Crock Pot Cookbook for your Slow Cooker http://bit.ly/2ibeoVD+
Serial Killer Z http://bit.ly/2j3PsAd+
Circle of Blood Book 1: Lover’s Rebirth http://bit.ly/2nnIJ96+
WishCraft – The Touch of Magick series, book 1 http://bit.ly/2ibyVt9+
The Gargoyle & Sorceress Tales Boxset http://bit.ly/2ifJaMZ+

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