Crime Fiction

Cocaine, Cupcake – Was US$2.99 Now US$0.00 (100% saving)

 Was $2.99 Now $0.00  Save 100% Author: Chester Gattle In this satirical crime novel, a frustrated writer tries going after the cartel, because he thinks it’ll lead to a book deal. Of course, he’ll have to survive the adventure first.

Slaying in Salem – Was US$2.99 Now US$0.99 (66% saving)

 Was $2.99 Now $0.99  Save 66% Author: Troy Lambert A former site of horror and death is the scene of a new murder. Nick O’Flannigan, freelance photographer and amateur sleuth, arrives in Salem only to discover another crime. The police have a man in custody, but one small clue tells Nick what no one else wants […]

Lost And Found – Was US$2.99 Now US$0.99 (66% saving)

 Was $2.99 Now $0.99  Save 66% Author: Amy Shojai A young woman races a Texas blizzard to save her autistic nephew from a deadly secret others will kill to protect. . .

Thy Killer’s Keeper – Was US$3.99 Now US$0.99 (75% saving)

 Was $3.99 Now $0.99  Save 75% Author: Edita A. Petrick Where do you draw the line between murder and torture? A horrific murder has taken place in Southern California. Emily Waters, a local teacher, has been bound in duct tape – leaving only her eyes exposed – and crushed to death on the Eureka freeway. Who […]

Mama’s Gone – Was US$4.99 Now US$0.99 (80% saving)

 Was $4.99 Now $0.99  Save 80% Author: Leopold Borstinski When the children grow up, the parents must die. Mary Lou struggles to maintain control of her mob family as rivals move in and her own children wrestle to gain control of their mother’s business.

Cage Life – Was US$3.99 Now US$0.99 (75% saving)

 Was $3.99 Now $0.99  Save 75% Author: Miles Watson It’s the punch you don’t see coming that drops you. Any fighter can tell you that. And Mickey Watts isn’t just any fighter; he’s one of the best in mixed martial arts, a top contender who seems to have it all: looks, brains and rich girlfriend who’s […]

The Dead and the Missing – Was US$3.99 Now US$0.00 (100% saving)

 Was $3.99 Now $0.00  Save 100% Author: A. D. Davies Adam Park is an ex-private investigator, now too wealthy to need a job. But when his old mentor’s niece rips off a local criminal and flees the UK, Adam tracks the young woman and her violent, manipulative boyfriend through the Parisian underground. Here, and onward in Asia, […]

As Sick As Our Secrets – Was US$3.95 Now US$0.00 (100% saving)

 Was $3.95 Now $0.00  Save 100% Author: Diane Ezzard Dark secrets. Nothing is as it seems for Sophie. A nasty surprise awaits her after the funeral of a murdered friend. Caught up in the sinister world of gangsters and villains in the heart of Manchester, she learns what a mistake it is to get involved. Following a […]

The Story That Had No Beginning – Was US$2.99 Now US$0.00 (100% saving)

 Was $2.99 Now $0.00  Save 100% Author: Daniel Kemp At a dinner party in Chelsea, London, the hostess asks her guests- “Do you think lying is endemic in society today?” The answers have more to do with life and death than those present could possibly know.

The Protector – Was US$3.99 Now US$0.99 (75% saving)

 Was $3.99 Now $0.99  Save 75% Author: Danielle L. Davis Detective Sydney Valentine can’t quite shake the image of Scrabble letters stuffed into a dead woman’s mouth. With a puzzling crime scene and no immediate suspects, Valentine’s trail threatens to turn cold. When another suspicious death hints at a shadowy past, Valentine suspects she has a […]