Divine Mother, Divine Father: Teachings on Inspired Living from Our Heavenly Parents – Was $14.00 Now $0.99 (95% saving)

 Was $14.00 Now $0.99  Save 95%

Author: Donna D’Ingillo

This handsome, brief gift book offers one hundred “revelations” in the form of spiritual lessons, one page each. These highly personal messages are guaranteed to open your heart to receive more of God’s loving presence. They were gifted upon Donna D’Ingillo, a renowned spiritual teacher, and they derive from the revealed wisdom of The Urantia Book–which is thought to be the “world’s best kept spiritual secret” (over a million copies sold with no publicity). These lessons were received over a period of years by Donna from our “Heavenly Parents,” who are known conventionally as Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.


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