Gary Gatlin Reluctant Hero – World War 2 Trilogy, book 1 – Was US$4.99 Now US$0.99 (80% saving)

 Was $4.99 Now $0.99  Save 80%

Author: Carl F. Haupt

This Is the World War II Book Series You’ve Been Waiting For – a la Jason Bourne

Sworn to help his family’s farm, American Gary Gatlin must find his own way around Japanese-occupied Taiwan (Formosa), always under the watchful eye of brigands and austere military officials. What if this tall American were a spy?

Gary Gatlin: Reluctant Hero, the first book in Carl Haupt’s eagerly-anticipated World War II trilogy, brings the uncertainty and excitement of the Pacific theater to life, all the way to the seat of a fighter plane during some of the most tense, heart-pounding moments. He wasn’t looking for adventure or trouble, but they always had a way of finding him. From sabotage to theft to kidnapping. Hidden gold coins to shark-filled waters to fatal bombings. Gary finds a way to survive.


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