The Rhodi Saga Collection: Books 1-3 – Was $9.99 Now $0.99 (90% saving)

 Was $9.99 Now $0.99  Save 90%

Author: Megan Linski



In a realm where warriors are bestowed with supernatural powers, one girl has the power to save humanity– or destroy it.
There are rumors of soldiers who can fly… transform into animals… even see the future. These superheroes are in hiding, their race on the verge of becoming extinct.
When twins Dylan and Devin lose their parents in a brutal murder, they seek revenge by joining the Rhodi; a secret society of elite assassins who are the world’s last hope. Darkness is gathering under one name, evil rallying under a queen who desires to crush freedom forever. Only the Rhodi can stop her.
To survive, Dylan and her brother must face magical creatures, explore dangerous castles, consort with spies, and outsmart the queen before she destroys everything. On her journey, Dylan will discover the strength of family, the desire of romance… and a magic inside her she never knew existed.


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