Think, Trade, and Grow Rich!: A Powerful Beginner’s Guide to Building Passive Income Through Momentum Swing Trading and Stock Market Investing – Was US$7.99 Now US$2.99 (63% saving)

 Was $7.99 Now $2.99  Save 63%

Author: Benjamin Kahriman

Think, Trade, and Grow Rich! is your (and your piggybank’s) ticket to financial freedom. It is a true beginner’s guide to the author’s time-tested and results-driven trading and investing system. As you progress through the trading system, you will generate income capable of covering your living expenses and have passive income to live the life you always imagined. Think, Trade, & Grow Rich! is your opportunity to break away from the shackles of a nine-to-five and to embark upon a path of limitless financial opportunities.

Clueless? No money to invest? Perfect! You can start with $50! No prior knowledge about the stock market, investing, or trading is needed. Kahriman guides you through the investing process, step-by-step, in simple, understandable language. Years of research, data analysis, and trading experience are distilled to an easy-to-follow trading system that dramatically increases profit and minimizes risk. You will have an investors edge over the market. Kahriman teaches the fundamentals of Japanese candlesticks, technical analysis, swing trading, and investing. Think, Trade, & Grow Rich! is a money maker and the shortest path to growing your income and wealth the smart and easy way! It is more than a work from home job; it is a work from anywhere and travel the world life. Think, Trade, & Grow Rich! will:

Simply Teach You How to Become Rich and Make Simple Money Trading and Investing in Stocks for Maximum Profit and With Minimum Risk

Study smart, not hard, by using the “Profit Prophet” checklist to evaluate and find stocks positioned to explode.
Use candlesticks, technical analysis, and complementary tools used by traders and investors for day trading, intraday trading, swing trading, momentum trading, value investing and growth investing
How to outperform the stock market and the vast majority of professional investors
Use charts and visuals listed in the book to replicate successful, profitable trades, avoid pitfalls, and minimize your risk exposure
Invest without spending a single dollar by using a free stock scanner
Simply Teach You the Building Blocks to Successful Investing and Trading

Combine a variety of powerful factors to generate a single data point that will help you find the best stocks and guide you to the most profitable trades
Analyze and utilize performance data that significantly increase your odds of outperforming the stock market
Teach you the secrets to success, finance management, and self-improvement
Teach You How to Day Trade, Trade Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, & Crypto – Affiliated Stocks

Help you Custom Tailor the Powerful “Profit Prophet Trading System” to Fulfill Your Financial Goals

If you need quick cash or wish to grow your net worth gradually, you will be able to identify and execute trades designed to fulfill your financial goals
After years of research and practice trading with stock market simulators, Kahriman created a trading system designed to minimize risk and maximize profit. He opened his first brokerage account with just $500. That account grew over 1,500% in one quarter. Hoping to help us all realize our own “American Dream,” Kahriman embarked upon teaching others to trade and invest. He outlines his powerful investing system and explains how you too can reap the financial opportunities present in the stock market. Think, Trade, and Grow Rich! is a complete beginners guide to not only trading but a better life. Hit the buy button and embark upon a path to the life you always imagined.


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