What A Tangled Wed – Was US$3.49 Now US$0.99 (72% saving)

 Was $3.49 Now $0.99  Save 72%

Author: KD Harp

Their eyes locked across a crowded room…

(Well, they WOULD have. The stuffed partridge mounted on her evening gown blocked his view.)

Finding True Love these days is hard enough without Bridezilla-inflicted wardrobe malfunctions but getting unsolicited ‘help’ from your well-intended Mema is a low no woman should endure! When successful inventor and international disaster recovery expert Pierce Grayson meets Allison Stanford, he’s finally found a woman strong enough to match his driven personality, (and the last one in Atlanta who could possibly love him for who he is …and not what he has.) The gifted artist has a heart of gold and everything’s looking mighty happily-ever-after, until Pierce blows it big-time and needs a solid education on women in general and Allison in particular. For better or worse, Allison’s quiet and opinionated Mema steps in to rescue the pair from themselves, which is just the sort of sweet loving thing we’d expect a good Mema would do. (…Now if only someone could rescue the couple from HER!) Mema’s wisdom is in for the long haul, and from Atlanta to French countryside, Dubai and back home, this unlikely trio explores every ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ of romance until Pierce and Allison find one more thing they share, love and gratitude for the little lady who saw the sparks between them, and wouldn’t let ’em die!


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