Earth Escape – An existential thriller – Was $7.99 Now $1.99 (75% saving)

 Was $7.99 Now $1.99  Save 75%

Author: Real Laplaine

With nuclear war looming and population explosion depleting the Earth, a coalition of space agencies, launch the Evolution, the largest star ship ever conceived, on a 27-year trek to an exoplanet, 1400 light-years away, and hopefully, the new home to man. Jim Tale, the intrepid Captain, and his Ai companion, CASS, encounter incredible odds, events that no one could have foreseen in this epic space odyssey. Haunted by his past and compelled by an obsession to know the truth about existence, was it God or the Big Bang, Jim Tale pushes the envelope and what he finds shakes all the paradigms.


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