Tender Beach: The Passion Brokers – Was $3.45 Now $0.99 (72% saving)

 Was $3.45 Now $0.99  Save 72%

Author: Sailor Stone

A passionate romance ignites and begins a slow, hot burn when two private investigators are hired by a billionaire to act as body doubles for him and his wife.

With Camden Arseneau’s pregnant wife, Logan, being ruthlessly stalked by a gang of avenging drug dealers, he has no choice but to take his best friend’s advice and hire two P.I.’s to step in as body-doubles and lure her stalkers into an unsuspecting trap.

But Logan’s body-double has a dark secret, and her new partner, if he wants to win her love, must change his two-timing ways and become a better man.

All while being chased through the islands of the Caribbean Sea by cold blooded killers.


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